Dewalokam Homestay & Garden Tour

After the rush of the transfer, we were delighted and surprised to see our rucksacs. (One nil to Guy on carousel challenge) Even more pleased to see a man with a board which had Alison Roberts written on it. He drove us calmly with minimal horn honking at oncoming buses to our homestay where we were wonderfully greeted with jasmine flower garlands, coconut bindis and lime juice by our gracious hostess. Our bags were taken to our spotless room and we had time to relax before and amazing lunch of south Indian food on a banana leaf. The food was delicious, colourful, spiced and eaten very messily with the hand despite the offer of cutlery.

After lunch we were shown round the organic garden which we were both looking forward to. The tour was carried out by Tara, the daughter of the Homestay owner and was fascinating. She showed us black pepper, curry leaf, sweet potatoes, coffee, ginger, tumeric, all spice, clove, cardamon, vanilla, nutmeg, lemongrass, passion fruit, star fruit, cinnamon, bananas, pineapple, snakebeans and gourds. They also keep bees, chickens, turkey, goats, cows and water buffalo. Whilst on the tour, the kitchen chef was out collecting veg for tea and we would also have water buffalo yogurt with the evenings curry.

6 thoughts on “Dewalokam Homestay & Garden Tour”

  1. Hi both, while your flights sound like they were challenging, your first stop sounds amazing and all worth it. I agree Dubai Airport is very long and you didn’t even get chance to visit the Irish Bar (if its still there), had a similar experience charging through it on a return flight.

    Al, just wanted to drop a quick post to let you know I became an uncle today to a nephew, all well and healthy.

    PS, it didn’t take long to miss you in the office, I had to clean the teaspoons yesterday!

    1. Congratulations! Hope all is well with your new nephew and Noah enjoys the addition to your family.
      Sorry to hear the office is falling apart without me……!

      1. Hi Al, been offline for a few days with the conference. I met my new Nephew last week, you forget how small they are when they are born (unless your names Harry). Angela and Noah still to meet Jonty, we were suppose to go on Saturday but Noah was unwell and we didn’t want to share germs.

        Yes the office is in chaos! No, not really everything so far so good, but still early days to create a mess for you to comeback to sort out.

        Hope you both are having a wonderful time, I will catch up on the blog when I have caught up from being out of the office last week and part of this week. Though seen the meal board that Jon would be very happy with!

      2. Ha ha, Jon would eat them into liquidation! So, what was the gossip from the conference? Can you say in such a public forum?
        Gutted to hear the office is still functioning without me.…….! Surely the share price dipped, just slightly?

  2. All sounds amazing. Arctic conditions forecast here on Thu so make sure you enjoy the warmth x xx x

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