Flight Transfer

We transfered flights in Dubai and before leaving knew we had a 2 & 1/2 hour wait. However our plane out was delayed by one hour fifteen, halving our time there. As we descended into Dubai, flight announcements told us to board our outgoing flight at least 45 mins before take off and that boarding would close 20 mins before. Our flight out was at 2.45am. We touched down at 2am. We disembarked and briskly walked to transfers. We kept walking. “Wow, Dubai is a big airport” we nervously laughed. We got to transfers. Other less relaxed passengers we shouting at an attendant “this way, this way” he calmly replied. We walked further, pace picking up all the time. Finally we turned a corner and saw a security check. Bags down, belts off, pockets emptied. We waited less than patiently. Bags grabbed, belts grabbed, change recovered. Up a flight of stairs at the double to be faced with a departure board that reported that our flight wasn’t delayed but was on a final call. This is when we started shouting “Gate B6, Gate B6” loudly at each other with no sense of English reserve. Al spotted a sign and we began to sprint at full pelt through the airport in a way that didn’t show 7 hours of inactivity drinking G&Ts and watching movies in economy class. We dodged peaceful shoppers and cornered round perfume sellers until red in the face we came upon B3 and B4. “B6, B6” we started shouting again until I saw an empty gate with no queue and staff packing up. Helloooo I wheezed at the departure staff, waving my boarding pass at them.

We were so relieved when we got on the plane, it took a few moments to notice the lady sat next to Al had a child on her lap. The toddler was breast fed and had a nappy change in her seat before we took off. I was just thankful I only had a broken seat.

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