Dewlokam Homestay – more orchard photos


Who knew pineapples grew in bushes? For some reason I thought they grew on trees, clearly they don’t! You get one pineapple in each bush and each bush lasts one year, these are prickly little things as well.

No photos for the next activity of the day, but I (Alison) had an ayuruvic massage. This is where you lie on a smooth, polished table top and 2 women pour loads of warmed sesame oil all over your body and they massage each side of you whilst you grab onto two handles in an attempt to stop sliding onto the floor in a massive oil slick.  It was an interesting experience and I now smell like a chinese stir fry, delicious!


Lunch today was individual fish biriyanis, they were fabulous, tasty and full of fresh spices. Washed down with the pink water we have here which is water boiled with cinnamon and cardomen, refreshing.


Afternoon refreshment is coconut from the tree, freshly picked by men old enough to be my Dad and who are happy to shin 10m up a tree to get the fruit…….not sure my Dad would do that for us… offence meant Dad!!

5 thoughts on “Dewlokam Homestay – more orchard photos”

  1. Sounds wonderful wish we were their. We just have high winds and rain, I am so envious. all is fine this end Carole xx

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