Foodfood – Indian food TV


Well, in a bored half hour, Guy surfed the channels on our TV and found the Indian equivalent of UK TV food……called Foodfood. The programs were spoken in a mix of English and Hindi (or another universal Indian language) and the recipes are rather unusual.  Prawn cocktail made with prawns, lettuce (so far so good) then cherry tomatoes, olives – both green and black, dressing was tomato puree and lemon juice all topped off with crushed digestive biscuits! YUM! Then, the photo above shows a healthy pizza. This involved tomatoes, olives – both green and black again, sweetcorn, marinated chicken, mozzarella, peppers – both red and green, and, as if that wasn’t enough, a generous helping of baked beans on top. DELICIOUS! I bet you will all be trying that for your tea tonight won’t you? (apart from Mark – my boss – who is allergic to baked beans!!)

One thought on “Foodfood – Indian food TV”

  1. So other than eating your way through India and a token effort at yoga, are you doing anything else?! Only kidding, all sounds amazing, very jealous! xxxxx

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