Road Travel

For some, road travel in India can be seen as a sport and at times is both dangerous and exhilarating. Some Keralan roads are good and some resemble the surface of the moon and none have pavements. Pedestrians are in the mix fighting with everyone else and are bottom of the food chain, followed by bicycles, then tuk-tuks, motorbikes, cars, Jeeps, trucks/buses and finally cows.  Everyone stops or swerves for cows here, missing out on the ultimate in road kill.

Most things seem acceptable such as driving on the wrong side of the road just because the surface is better, or parking in the middle of the single track road to stop for a piss, but there does seem to be one rule, which is used for overtaking. As you approach the object you wish to overtake you honk your horn to let them know you are coming and they are supposed to move over and slow down a bit to try and avoid a head on collision with the bus that’s coming round the bend or over the rise where you are overtaking. This leads to a lot of honking. In a 120km journey, you’ll lose count after 5 mins.

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