Choral Sweet Child of Mine

So, after a disturbed nights sleep, due to heat and feral dogs barking throughout the night, we had breakfast with Neema and her husband of Appad – rice, semolina and coconut lace pancakes – with a potato, pea and carrot spiced coconut curry, a fried egg and coffee. Neema then sent us to Fort Cochin for a days sightseeing, however a Jewish synagogue and cemetery were not for us, the Jain temple forbade you to go in with a bag – you were advised to leave it outside,at your own risk, and walked right past the Dutch cemetery without noticing it. So we have basically spent the day wandering around the merchants part of town, shops filled with sacks of rice, potatoes, shallots garlic, chillies and other such foods, we nearly witnessed a ‘punch up’ between a couple of locals, and found ourselves coming across more wandering goats than I have ever seen.  In the absence of seeing any sights we have written postcards, caught up on blogs or reading in the traveller cafes, drinking more lime soda than is probably good for you, waiting til it is reasonable to have a beer. The current cafe seems to have an intriguing taste in music, choral versions of rock’s greatest hits, Sweet Child of Mine is at present being butchered……….we have to go now as Guy is about to gouge out his eardrums with a straw! 

UPDATE – next cafe was playing Radiohead and U2, guy’s eardrums are safe!

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