Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

Well, time to move on (Travelling or pub crawl, same same). After 16 days of issue-free stomachs, on the day we move country, one member of Team Roberts has “both ends syndrome”. That member lies still while the other packs, then its “Cheerio” and we’re in a cab to the airport, along the best road in Kerala, watching the sun rise over palm lined paddy fields, past concrete half built shacks and the craziness of the day just beginning. Leaving India encompasses relief and sadness. Its an amazing and incomprehensible country.
We get to the airport. Flight paperwork checked to enter building. Then checked again to enter check-in desks. Our preprinted boarding pass is ignored as we are issued another one. We go through immigration and security checks. Only WHSmith don’t ask for any paperwork, as we show our documents EIGHT times to various people. We’re up, fed and down very quickly and as we left 30 minutes early, there’s a toilet stop for “Both Ends” before we fly through immigration. The toilet stop makes rucksack carousel null and void as both are there when we arrive and we are greeted by a man with Guy Roberts on a bit of paper and driven to Anuradhapura (3 hours). First impressions of Sri Lanka are good. Driving rules are the same as India but the roads are better so we go faster. The scenery is very similar to Kerala but with out plastic rubbish everywhere and a bit tidier. We get to the hotel and one person sleeps and the other has a bottle of Lion stout 8.8% and deviled chicken (SEARINGLY HOT) for lunch despite having no jetlag.


Nun watch carries over to monk watch and scores when we get to hotel are

Al 13 – 12 Guy

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