Temples of Anuradhapura

So after the past few weeks of inactivity we had been very excited at the prospect of seeing temples with the aim of cycling and walking around them.  However due to ‘circumstances beyond our control’ we resorted to middle class tourism and hired a car and driver to drive us around the sights in air conditioned comfort. Yep, the other member of the team had a bad reaction to chilli and beer, so was feeling quite delicate and nervous about not being near a clean latrine! The temples of Anuradhapura are set out over quite an area so we weren’t the only ones doing this, we got to see what was left of the temple ruins, however that wasn’t much! But it seemed to be a holy day so some of the temples and especially the Sri Maha Bodhi were filled with locals wearing bright white robes, chanting and tying prayer flags to the trees, which was wonderful to see, and really moving when they had brought small children or relatives with ailments that they wanted curing.  As usual, monkeys were rife around the temples picking mangos off the trees and de-licing each other. Other highlights were seeing the kitchens of an old monestry and a stone bowl which was big enough to hold rice for approx 5000 people, and an intricately carved lavatory stone, the position of the feet were decorated and a discreet hole at the back was for all waste!
As we haven’t got the correct IT infrastructure we aren’t able to make the camera upload photos to the tablet where we write this blog, the guy in Birmingham airport helpfully told us that he didn’t sell the right cable but Amazon do!

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