Temples of Polonnaruwa


So, day 2 of temples, and we are still feeling the effects of our drastic weight loss program, and the heat and humidity – and no, we aren’t expecting any sympathy from you all at home being battered by British winter storms. Continuing on our imposed middle class travelling we still have our driver, Emilio, to take around Sri Lanka in the lap of luxury. Today we drove nearly 2 hours on clean, wide, new roads, and due to plenty of police checks no one goes at a breakneck speed down the roads either, it is a relief after India!
The temples in Polonnaruwa are more complete, with more stupas, old walls and moonstones to be seen. Still in the heat and humidity, and we also saw the same tourists at every site, lots of grumpy French tourists who never, ever smile! The photo above is the lotus pond, which was built by a king with an impossibly long name. BTW if you want any factual information on sites to see in Sri Lanka please look at the Lonely Planet pages on the internet, don’t be expecting any of that from us pair!
So we finished the temples at about 3pm and were dropped off at our home stay/ hotel, our room ( complete with mosquitoes) is at the end of the rooms, overlooking a gravel heap. We tried to explain to the cook that we wanted only plain food for dinner, not entirely sure we succeeded as he was still suggesting we had devilled chicken, in the end we have ordered plain rice and pineapple!  We attempted to leave the home stay and explore the area however monsoon type rain started, so, soaked to the skin, we trudged back to the room and killed some more mosquito’s!

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