23rd December – Kandy

First day using public transport and we paid £7.50 for a tuktuk to take us to the tea plantation museum, wait for us and then onto the Botanical Gardens. Amazingly he didn’t tell us the tea plantation museum was closed on Mondays so took us there and managed to look surprised when it had a sign saying Closed on Mondays! Still, he then took us to the botanical gardens and we then spent about 3 hours wandering around the gardens, the best bit for Guy was seeing thousands of bats flying and settling in for an upside down kip in the trees.


For me, it was the orchid garden, reminded me of my orchids I have left with my work colleagues, I just hope mine are looking as good as these…….no pressure guys!



And a photo of a massive palm tree type affair!


After that, we splashed out 17p on a bus ride into town, it took about 4 times longer than a tuktuk, but was more fun! We ended up near the bus station, after buying a phone and various IT gubbins that means our camera can speak to our tablet and you can see our camera photos we we feeling quite smug so went for a Kotti Rotti. It was delicious, a roti chopped up with cheese, onions, chilli and other stuff, divine!
We wondered around a but more, sorted out the phone a bit more, went onto the Queens Hotel in Kandy, yes, the queen has stayed there. But they didn’t serve us, so we went for a ginger beer elsewhere and went home. Had another massive dinner!
It rained cats and dogs throughout the night, I think in sympathy with the British winter?

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