Xmas Eve – Kandy to Ella

Xmas Eve and we are currently in Ella where the local shacks have some very cold Lion Lager, so let’s crack on.

Today was mainly spent on a 7 hour train journey from Kandy to Ella. We bought 2nd class tickets (£1.20) and waited with dozens of other tourists to see a small train pull in with only one 2nd class carriage. The 60ish of us then tried to fill the 30ish seats with a slight London tube sardine feel. We decamped to 3rd class and found standing room outside the toilet. (By the way, the ticket office was more than happy to oversell the seat allocation for 2nd class) We made friends with our extremely immediate neighbours and watched the country roll by. Four and a half hours later one of my arse cheeks was rested on a seat and another hour later the other cheek joined it, ensuring the final hour and a half was in comfort, allowing us to take in the truly breathtaking scenery of what has to be one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world. Then a local band got on, or rather 6 teenagers with a drum. Even the other local teenagers were rolling their eyes. They only sang for a hour at least.

Anyway, the lion is roaring. Merry Xmas all. We miss you all and raise a glass to you. Happy Santa’s!

Live Update – COCKTAILS
Al – Mojito
Me – Ginger Tornado



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