2nd Jan – Negombo Cookery Lesson

On our last day in Sri Lanka we managed to arrange a cookery lesson.      We turn up at 11am, cooked then ate the fruits of our labour. At first there were about 7 curries planned, in the end we did ‘just’ 6 as we couldn’t face eating any more! The recipes are written down in guys notebook for prosperity, however we did a fish curry, a chicken curry – which will be done for lucky guests to our house soon – an aubergine curry, a bitter gourd sambal, pumpkin curry, dal curry and how to steam rice! All in 2.5 hours, Guy was quite stressed as she was doing more than one curry at a time, which is not his way of working, done his way it would have taken most of the day! However it was a delicious meal, we ate about 10 % of it and donated the rest to the kitchen!
The rest of the afternoon was spent killing time til we had to go to the airport for a 1am flight to Bangkok!







One thought on “2nd Jan – Negombo Cookery Lesson”

  1. Hello!

    Those pictures of curries look fabulous. I hope you have cooked those dishes many times over since leaving Sri Lanka. I am looking to do a Sri Lankan cookery class in Negombo in the next few months.

    Would you be kind enough to give me the contact details and pricing for the class you took? If you prefer, you could send me a private email instead of replying in this forum.

    Many thanks and kind regards
    Wee Lynn

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