4 – 5 January in Bangkok

We had a day of planning the Myanmar trip, involved a lot of sitting around on internet, as dull as it sounds! Booked flights, flying 10 -24 Jan, so we have a week to play in Bangkok!  We (nearly)stuck to our aim of not drinking until 6pm, had a beer at 4pm, not bad! We tried a few street stalls out for food, had noodle soups which were delicious.



We then decided as it was Saturday night we would celebrate by having a small bottle of sang som Thai whiskey for old time sakes.  Bottle of whisky, soda and bucket of ice ordered, we realised how few bars were offering this now.  It used to be the alcoholics drink of choice, maybe there are less alcoholics here (which there is no evidence of elsewhere) or it is a cheap way of getting drunk and it is better business to have the tourists drinking beer…….? Anyhow, we were flying after just one small bottle, we used to have more than that 15 years ago! Another couple beers later we were back home, tucked up in bed.


Next day the heads were slightly worse for wear, dull thumping whisky hangover in 34 degree heat, only air conditioning would help, so it was off to the shopping malls for bartering and eyewateringly expensive shops – that was when we wandered into the ‘wrong’ shopping mall that wasn’t full of counterfeit goods!  As Bangkok is easily navigable now we quite delicately jumped onto the river boat and made the whole journey without incident, then on the sky train and we were shooting through Bangkok’s skyline to Siam square! We then had a great time in the Thai food court at the top of the MBK shopping mall, I had chicken laab with rice, Guy had a pink fishy soup…..I won that round of food roulette!  Guy then successfully bartered for a ruck sac, fancy orange one, we then had photos taken in front of the pink penguins that were the xmas decorations, well, why wouldn’t you?


By this time it was dark so we saw Bangkok by night, all lit up, with all the posh hotel bars with posh beer gardens overlooking the river on our river boat ride home.  On our route back there was a massive street market up the road from us, full of food stalls, crafty stuff, second hand clothes – probably donated from travellers who have gone feral – music, and fashion /dance shows. Apparently this was the second night of this, we clearly missed it the previous night, this whisky has a lot to answer for! So we had a load of street food for tea………and had no unwanted side effects! Bonus!




2 thoughts on “4 – 5 January in Bangkok”

  1. Good to see you supporting EFC through your drinking of Chang, will be able to make a January signing off the back of that! On the serious point of footy great result for the Forest. Send us a pink penguin in the post.

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