13 January – Bagan temples……lots of them!

We had a marvellous nights sleep, in our separate beds, which had a mattress that wasn’t worn through, with no karaoke bars or pigeons to disturb us…… ooooh, the luxuries of travelling!
We had breakfast included, which was a Myanmar breakfast or Western breakkie. Mayanmar was sticky black rice, chickpeas, sesame seeds, there was also the option of cold noodles (seems to be available for any meal) and the accompaniment was chilli with dried fish bashed into it. I decided to stick the western cakes and fruit after trying and not particularly liking the local option.


Then we arranged for a horse and cart to take us around the temples for the day. It was a lovely way to see the temples, slow and plodding, and we met many a hawker who would follow us around, show us a view point then we would go to their shop and buy something from them, we are slowly getting overloaded with tat, which maybe passed onto lucky family and friends on our return. But by buying this tat we are putting money back into the local economy, and not the government, so our consciences are clear!
The scenery is stunning, it is the sheer number of temples that is breathtaking, some do have great frescos, beautiful carvings, are simply massive and filled with simply massive Buddha’s, but it is the landscape which is so special, Guy took a few (!) photos for you all to enjoy!


We had a Myanmar lunch, which again has the overpowering addition of fish to every dish, whether meat or vegetable based. I even had a can of coke to wash it down, it was that unenjoyable!


A few more temples and we then were taken to a quiet temple to watch the sunset, it was quiet for about half and hour, then evey man and his kid decided to join is, perilously perched up steep stairs to the top. To complete the blissful feeling a helicopter seemed to fly around for about 20 mins over the whole site, marvellous!


A quick trot back to the hotel and we found ourselves in the strange position of needing to find a tourist place to eat as the local food wasn’t doing it for us, so a plate of thai rice later I was happy, and at least I didn’t resort to pizza like the French person next to us!

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