14 January – Cycling again!

Today we decided to get back on our bikes, however these bikes were very different to our bikes! But the basics of 2 wheels and a frame managed to get us around. No gears, no carbon frames, no fancy frills, barely any brakes, proper back to basics!


It was by far the best experience so far, we waved, laughed, yelled Ming Lah Bah (hello) to anyone and everyone who passed or looked at us, lorries full of people, sat on bags of god knows what, stared, but as soon as we smiled and said Ming Lah Bah they all grinned and waved back at us pair of nutters. We had fun with the hawkers and kids, taught a couple of the kids some new expressions……see you later alligator, manana banana, laters potatoes!


It was surprising how big some of the small inclines were on the bikes, and we saw a sign saying beware of a steep decline and stopped to get off and check the gradient as brakes we sketchy!


Oh, and we saw a few more temples!

Lunch was vegetarian! And delicious!


Afternoon was spent by the pool with a beer and sore legs and derrière!

We have a bus journey tomorrow, the hotel have said they will pick up at 7.30am and arrive at 2pm, we have biscuits, water, fruit and some patience packed for tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “14 January – Cycling again!”

  1. Sorry, as I scroll down through the photos, a young boy with ginger hair…………………

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