16 January – Mum’s birthday!

As our place was fab, we were able to Skype home to Mum to say happy birthday from the comfort of our room/suite, which was nice to do!
In the afternoon we hired bikes, better ones than last time and cheaper, and cycled out to the sunset point, which fortunately was situated in a vineyard!


Cycling out there was fabulous, lots of smiling, waving and cheering with the locals, avoiding pot holes and other random animals on the road. Cycling up the hill to the vineyard was hard work, I got off and walked, Mr Ventoux managed it without getting off his trusty steed. I staggered up to the vineyard, desperate for a drink and a lie down. We got a drink, well, several in fact as we had a tasting menu. The results of which are below:


Savignon blanc was grassy, with overtones of grapefruit, quite dry and a little short on the finish.
Rose was astringent with a slight strawberry flavour.
Cabernet savignon was fruity, dark fruit flavours and smokey with plenty of tannins.
Late harvest was apricot on the nose with a sweet fruit finish!

We had a bottle of late harvest white, accompanied by a cheese and bread, photo below!! You will be amazed to know that the cheese did not induce cheese face in Guy, not even a tingle.



A quick cycle down the hill and back into town, we got waylaid by another cocktail bar, they seem to be the new thing nowadays, and I had a lychee Martini which included 5 lychees on a stick, and Guy had a mojito, it was quite special!


As we are still avoiding local food we had wood fired pizza and French fried for tea, delicious (with a slightly guilty feeling).

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