19 Jan – Lake & Overnight bus

Things had quietened down so we finally took our lake tour, the reason we had travelled to Nyaungshwe in the first place (we only knew of the vineyard when we arrived). First stop was a fascinating local market where we watched a mobile blacksmith mend locals farming tools.


Then we passed through floating gardens where the locals grow tomatoes, cauliflowers, watercress, beans and cucumbers.


Next was a textile factory, then a silversmith and a cheroot factory before a pagoda and a monastery where cats jump through hoops. The cats were unfortunately on a break when we arrived.


The trip was a bit craft market heavy but passing through the villages was fascinating.


Back at the hotel we patiently waited for our overnight bus to Rangoon. We left at 7pm with an estimated arrival of 7am. We were both tired from extensive bathroom visits the day before and a little nervous of the extended time without a nearby toilet. The staff of the hotel came out to wave us off and we thanked them for the rehydration salts and ginger tea they had fed us with no charge.

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