30 Jan – Hong Kong to Bangkok

Al keeps telling me that this blog is not only telling our friends what we are doing but is a diary of what we have done that we can look back on in the future, so here’s today’s diary.

Alarm at 4.30am. N21 night bus to airport. Check in swift but flight delayed an hour so restaurant vouchers. Immigration quick. Breakfast of fried Cajun chicken from Popeye’s. Girl asks if i want to eat in or take away. Genuinely confused by question. No tables to eat. Bloody new shiny airport and no tables to eat. Design over function. Rubbish. Nice architecture though.

Try to find something to spend remaining Hong Kong dollars on. Buy water.

Board plane. Tired. Flight has movies though. Look through awful selection of films. Same movies as flight out two months ago. Ponder wasting the little time I have left on this beautiful planet on shit culture and settle for “Pacific Rim” a film about monsters fighting robots.

2 hours later. Film shit but about to land. (I hope Idris Alba was paid well to shout “Let’s cancel the apocalypse”)

Land. First through passport control and to carousel. I win luggage roulette. 3-2. Airport rail link and tube to Hua Lamphong train station. Need brain to work now. So far today not a great track record. We want the sleeper to Butterworth in Malaysia. If we can’t get it then maybe a night in Bangkok. Bad option for sleep. We don’t know where or what we will be doing in 24/48 hours. All depends on ticket office trainee woman. She says yes and Al wells up in a man from delmonte moment.

Ticket purchased. £22 for berth on sleeper. Tired but must celebrate. Scan station for seven eleven. None. Outside, spotted. Ace. MAGNUMS INBOUND! Al = almond. Me = strawberry. Essentials for train. Dried fruit and nuts. Water. Whisky.

Board train. Dump bags. Another celebration. Can of cold beer. Delicious in 30° heat. Realise wrong carriage. Move rucsacs. Very sweaty. Another beer required. Buy 10. Sit on platform and wait. Relax. NICE NICE.


Train leaves. Start blog.


Train hawker arrives. Places two beers in front of me. Captive market. Totally ripped off. Cans dripping in ice water. Risk of viles disease. Add that to malaria (42 bites in one night in Rangoon) and Avian flu (chicken in HK). Lucky to be alive.

Need boys room. Watch gravel fly past through a hole in the floor at 70mph. Happy as Larry. Who is Larry?

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