3 Feb – last day in Georgetown, Malaysia

Writing this up with hindsight, today was an odd day. It started well with a free breakfast in the modern cafe underneath the hotel. Noodles for me and curry and roti for Al. We had deluded ourselves that the trip wasn’t just about food so we should do a bit of tourism, so we headed to the bus station to get the number 10 to the botanical gardens.

We dodged the local wiseman who was shouting at the pigeons and found our bus stop. Patiently waiting, we watched a woman chain smoke and twitch her head round every 10 seconds. A slo-mo exorcist. Buses came and went but not the number 10. After an hour we gave up and decided to refocus on food, but first we needed to do a bit of admin. Tomorrow we intended to catch the ferry to the island of Langkawi so we thought we’d get prepared and check the port and buy a ticket. The office informed us that both the ferries were full. “Very unusual, because of Chinese New Year” Oh dear. Plans need to change.

Next to our hotel we had noticed a chinese restaurant serving suckling pig and having failed to get it in Hong Kong and Macau we decided to head there and over a feast of roast pig discuss what we should do next. The restaurant had a table which was a good start as the night before we had been turned away. We were seated and given hot towels, jasmine tea and nuts. We perused the menu and chose suckling pig and roast duck, nothing else appealed. The waiter informed us there was no roast meat. We paid for the towels,tea and nuts and left.

Next door was the cafe where we’d had breakfast and on their menu was a charcoal burger, not cooked over charcoal, but where the bun contained charcoal and was black. As this was unique and close we thought it would be a quick interesting option. Our waiter from breakfast greeted us with a big smile but when we ordered he told us they had no bread at all. “Delivery in two days.” We thanked him and left.

By now we realised things weren’t quite flowing smoothly so it was time to book a bus ticket out. A travel agent told us it wasn’t an auspicious day. We agreed.

We bought a bus ticket for 8.30am the next day to Ko Lanta, an east coast Thai island and finally headed for lunch. Char Kway Teow for me and Mee Goreng for Al.



We found a street sign for salvation too, but we haven’t tried it yet.


After a siesta, my sore throat called for honey and lemon tea which was accompanied by a soothing cappuccino cake.


This raised the appetite so for our last Penang meal we headed for a guardian recommendation of a hawker stall of Char Kway Teow (fried noodles) and also wanton noodle soup. Both were delicious.



As we were passing and as we are both hopelessly nostalgic, we couldn’t help but have a cold tiger in an iced glass back at Hong Chow, the hotel we had stayed in 15 years ago. The menu and the decoration hasn’t changed and it felt comforting.


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