5 February – Ko Lanta

We needed a room for the next few days, so again we were playing Mary and Joseph, it was becoming increasingly dull and frustrating. We got a tuk tuk driver, with a black eye and various scars, who was very willing to take us from door to door at each place asking for a room. However either the price was extortionate or the one bungalow that was in budget was a dump, still we kept on trying and in the end we did find somewhere, not beach side, but clean, compact and run by a lovely lass. She also explained why our guy was so keen to make sure we had somewhere to stay as they get 200 Baht (£4.20) as commission, per night of our stay. So we said we were only staying one night. That is on top of the price we negotiated for the ride, so he had made a nice 500Baht out of us.
Now we had a room for the next few nights we had to see what the beach was like……this is what it was like…..



We also had a mini fridge, that desperately needed filling so we went off to 7/11 to get supplies, ok, mainly beer! And on the way we passed a woman with a BBQ chicken and papaya salad stall, handily she also sold beer! It was delicious, the papaya salad was sour from the lime, sweet from the sugar and fishy from the dried shrimp and fish sauce and just one birds eye chilli made you sweat a little…..


We saw a few happy hour signs up for sunset, so thought it would be rude not to indulge ourselves……just a few times, it was blissful watching the sun go down, with a slight breeze and a very chilled Chang beer.


Loads of restaurants had BBQs set up on the beach,and maybe we had had one too many happy hour beers, but we stupidly decided to go for this, as it is all done by weight, he actually weighed out 2 prawns,they were 200 Baht, yes, £4.20 for two slightly large prawns, undeterred by this ridiculous pricing we also ordered chicken, squid and 2 corn on the cob, along with a beer or 2 this meal cost us £20, a whole days budget! We sobered up pretty quick and had a lovely walk back along the beach, seeing all the restaurants lit up and people lighting Chinese lanterns and seeing them float away into the night sky.


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