9 February – Krabi..….still

The two hardest things you have to do when travelling are;
1) working out exchange rates – Guy and I have been known to stand, staring at an exchange rate board, for a good 5 mins trying to fathom out if we are buying, selling and if it was a good rate or not.
2) what day of the week it is – if my boss/work colleagues are reading this, don’t panic, I am sure I will be back to normal within a couple of weeks of work……hopefully!
However as we woke with slightly dull heads we realised we were having a proper weekend, and, with the help of TripAdvisor, we found a local bakery run by a Dutch guy and had a delicious brunch of wholemeal bread, eggs, ham and nice cheese, with a panini for me! This was accompanied by some blues type music and a real Sunday feeling.


Our plans for the day were fluid……simply walk around Krabi and have some nice food and drinks, so we set off with full bellies at a slow pace. Did we mention it is hot here? We sweated our way around the town, diving into 7/11’s for air con and water, and found an excellent (according to TripAdvisor) coffee shop, it would be rude to pass by, so we both had an iced coffee and blogged/people watched.

After more sweating, and by this time my prickly heat was quickly spreading and on fire, we stopped at a floating restaurant for a shandy and nice view of the mangroves and a slightly queasy floating feeling.


Some more wandering down the sea front, sweating, and shopping – razors for hairy Guy – and we were shattered and siesta called.

Dinner was another TripAdvisor recommendation which wasn’t fab, so as Meatloaf said ‘2 out of 3 ain’t bad’, and a wander round the night market. Guy bought more tat and a garlic sausage that is still repeating on him……and consequently me!

So, we have set our alarm for 6am and are off to the islands for a week or more, so you probably won’t hear from us for a bit, so here is a picture of a ship and a whale to keep you going……..


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