18 February – Ko Phayam to Bangkok

Last day beach side and we were very sad to be leaving. We woke up to the usual sound of the waves on the shoreline, birds in the coconut trees and the dog with 4 legs, one limp and useless, chasing any motorbike that came down the beach – we are convinced he lost the use of his paw through this pastime of his.
We did our last walk up and down the beach. Even managed a bit of yoga on the beach as well! We are soooo out of shape.
We packed our bags and had breakfast at our restaurant, the pancakes were delicious, we spent the morning chatting to our new brummie mates. Unbelievably, new people took over our hut before we had even left the grounds, so insensitive to our feelings!!!  A lot of hugs and air kisses later from our mates, and staff, at coconut beach and we sped off on motorbikes, minus helmets of course, to catch our speedboat to the mainland and back to reality.


We had 3.5hrs transfer time in Ranong before our overnight bus left. This was spent sweating and eating street food – a fried sweet corn sandwich, pork and shrimp dim sum, chicken satay and pork kebab later we were full, although a couple of beers managed to slip in there as well.


We caught a songthew (open backed van) to the bus station and our jaws dropped when we saw the bus. We had gone VIP but this was really luxurious, the seats reclined nearly horizontally and we got a free cake, water, vakpak of some weird milk, blanket and a grumpy ‘waitress’! Oh, and a load of chatty Germans…..as usual.



Guy slept most the night, the bloke next to me dropped off about midnight and snored his was to Bangkok and I had a couple of hours kip in between all this excitement.

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