19 Feb – Bangkok

We arrived in Bangkok at 5am and headed to new Siam guesthouse. They had a room but it wasn’t ready until 7am so we headed out to Khao San to oggle at the folk still enjoying last night or “casualties” as we know them.

A shower then the river taxi and sky train to the MBK centre for a last shop. While we waited for it to open we looked at the protesters camped underneath. Hundreds of yellow shirts trying to overthrow the current government with a “Shutdown Bangkok Restart Thailand” campaign. Ordinary people wanting a better future.


Breakfast of spicy larb and crispy pork and then a haggle for presents. As we were early we got Best price! Timmy Hillfonger, Ralp Loren and Rolax were bought. Al was flaking so she went back for a siesta and I continued to window shop looking at tecky stuff. Tired I decided to head home and caught the river taxi. We had to stop to pick up passengers from another knackered boat and then we got stuck at a peer as the trainee rope man couldn’t un-moor the boat. After a lot of shouting a bloke with a machete appeared and hacked us free. Notice the rope-mans balaclava which a lot of outdoor working Thais wear despite the heat and humidity.


After a siesta we headed for our last big night out. We crawled our favourite route and watched the craziness and reminisced about our trip. Eventually in the acoustic music bar we succumbed to a Sang Som set comprising of a half bottle of Sang Som, a Thai rum-like spirit, bucket of ice and soda water. The battered sausage and fried chicken at the stall opposite provided the necessary grease and we capped the evening with the obligatory magnum.



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