20th January – Bangkok

Had fruit and Bangkok street food for breakfast for the last time ……..
Wandered round the streets of Banglampu buying presents and cheap flip flops! Then we did the supermarket run, loads of Thai pot noodles for Dubai.
We had a last noodle soup from our noodle soup grandma, met some Aussies who said it was nicer then the grasshopper soup they ate in Chang Mai, a compliment if ever I heard one!


We then had a tour of the area, picking up WiFi, and maybe a couple of beers! I had a massage and a pedicure.


Our last Thai street meal was fab… Guy had fried shrimp chilli paste, looks hot but it was tasty and surprisingly light.
I had green curry which was lush too.


A final Chang in our favourite acoustic bar and appropriately it began to rain. The first since before xmas, like the gods are preparing us for home.

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