23 February – Dubai

Had another fab breakfast at the Savoy, pastrami wrapped gherkins, turkey sausages, mashed potato (?), hummus, labneh, fresh dates, flat bread and green tea.

We then packed up and went down the street to our new apartment, Golden Sands. It isn’t as new as The Savoy but it will do for the night, plus Grosse Pointe Blank was showing on Fox Movies when we switched on the TV, so that was a bonus.


We were looking forward to a bit of walking today, and set off to explore the souks of Dubai. We should have realised that this would have been made into a plastic tourist attraction, it was all rebuilt and nicely clean and well planned, just like Dubai. It was awful, all the traders practically man handling you to try on a blooming pashmina, I mean, do I look like I buy pashminas?
We got off the tourist trail of souks and found a real Indian cafe selling chicken shwarma, tea, fruit juices and falafel, we had a bit of each for the princely sum of £4. It was fab!


Wandering back to the hotel, we then had our second lunch of chicken schwarma and hummus meal and falafel wrap, it had fresh spinach in it which was something we haven’t had for a long, long time!!


Then back to our apartment to find our house keys, last seen in Guy’s green flash trainers which have spent the whole trip at the bottom of his rucksac, and post our last blogs before returning home.

It goes without saying that we have had a great time. Great places, people, food and a few beers. We hope you have enjoyed our blog as much as we have and we can’t wait to see you soon.


2 thoughts on “23 February – Dubai”

  1. Have really enjoyed keeping up with you on your blog. Will you be continuing with it back in Kenilworth?! Safe journey home and see you soon x

    1. Al here…..I fear it will not be as interesting to read, our tea won’t be as good looking and the daily grind of answering emails and phone calls could become tedious! But we will keep this as you never know……we may travel again?!

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