Vienna Day 1

Woke up to the news that David Bowie had died. Guardian notifications of what shit is going on in the world rarely make me stop in my tracks and take a large intake of breathe, that one did. Loved Bowie.

Both of us tired and slightly grumpy then had to navigate Vienna to get to our apartment, this was done via bus, which I always find quite unnerving as they can just do what they want, and you never know where they are going. However Austria is quite similar to Japan in that everything is safe, clean and really well organised, so the bus announced when it was at our stop and we got off, followed instructions to the apartment and got in! Minimal fuss although slight confusion about exactly which block we were in however no one was around to see us checking under their mats for their keys, which was a blessing.

The flat was clean warm and fab however we had a city to explore and we were off! We had our first viennese coffee and cake experience, obviously we had kirsch and orange liqueur in our coffee, it was 11.30! Cake was apfelstrudel with custard.

As we had our own kitchen we were determined to have a healthy breakfast as greens, salad and anything not meat based looked hard to come by! So we wandered off to the local market, Naschtmarket to see a few hardy sellers trying to give us free samples of food. Being English we refused.

We did get fruit and fresh dates, we now know dried dates are better, and had and good wander throughout. Then stumbled upon a local purveyor of wine, it would be rude not to try local wine so we had a glass of white wine and watched a bloke with a dog start an argument with the fishmonger. Once that and our wine was finished we had lunch, which for Guy was a selection of sausages with bread and pickles before getting around to getting into a museum!


We went to the Albertina museum which had loads of impressionist and Munsch there, it was pretty stunning although Munsch is pretty dour and could be depressing, had we not had the wine for lunch!

We were staying a 10 min walk into the main museum area of Vienna, the whole of Vienna seems to be filled with massive boulevards, big regal buildings and stunning architecture, it is on a bigger scale to Paris and is clean and pristine. It is quite stunning but our first day had grey skies and clouds so no photos were allowed.

After culture we inevitably were drawn to bars, it was nearly 6 of clock so we deserved it! This is when we were transported back to 1990s England where smoking was allowed in bars!!! Seriously? It was a real shock to the system and although we were in a bar that had segregation you still had the smoke smell around. Still we decided to deal with it and had some Austrian white wine, which was delicious and Guy stared at a painting showing the temptation of a monk! I will not go into more details here!

We then had tea at one of the many places that claims to be the original Weiner Schnitzel restaurants and to be fair it was lush! And the potato salad was pretty good too!


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