Vienna Day 2

So we ventured out to the Schonnbrunn palace today! A tube ride away and a stunning location and building for some filthy rich aristocracy from years ago. We went through rooms where a 6 year old Mozart played for the kaiser and where Kennedy and Krushtoff met in the 60s.  It was stunning!

There was a massive fountain with usual folly,  as is becoming of the rich in them days.  For some reason the photos below are turning around on publishing so apologies for any inconvenience caused!


Culture done we were on a Wurst hunt! And got them! Although they were difficult to eat if sitting down, I ended up with a large splattering of ketchup and mustard on the pavement next to me! Very little on jeans or coat, quite a lot down my hands! Nice. Tasty but not elegant!


More culture awaited us at the Kunthistoriches museum or art history to us English!  Again, facinating, we saw Carvaggio, Van Gogh, and loads of Peter Bruegal which were really insightful into life in 16th century as he painted scenes of everyday life.

We then had a wander home via wine and cheese shop and spent the evening in the apartment drinking the Austrian wine left for us by our host!  Well, it would be rude not to?


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