Vienna Day 3

Last day of culture,  cake and Wurst which is probably just as well for our bodies.

We spent an inordinately long tine to work out the tram system, meanwhile Guy had a Wurst. We got to the Belvedere museum which had loads of Klimt in it and were duly impressed.  The building was the usual massive regal palace which is now full of Klimt and his contemporaries in there,  I can’t remember the name of the other two!


We then got the tram back into town for more Wurst and Sacher Torte and coffee! Waistlines suitably expanded we had a good sit on a tram that went nowhere near where we thought it was going however it gave us an opportunity for a long walk to see the wheel that was in the end of the Third Man film,  and it was in a closed park on a cold winter’s day so suitably earie.


We then decided to see the American Loos bar which is on the tourist trail,  it was a small smokey bar which sold white wine.  We then proceeded to visit a couple more bars in our funky area of Vienna which were okay but at the end of the day had people smoking in them so we went home,  smelling of smoke, and had cheese and wine in a smoke free atmosphere.

One thought on “Vienna Day 3”

  1. Glad to hear that its all going well. Rather chilly here -3 this morning when I went out!!!! Enjoy the rest of the trip. Love Mum


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