Vienna to Venice day 5

So one last day in Vienna and we were having a lie in when a knock at our flat door. We decided not to ignore it and opened it to a couple of workman which garbled at us in excellent Austrian which obviously meant nothing to me. On doing the usual ‘Sprechen se engleesh?’ he answered with perfect English to explain the owner of the flat had asked him and his mate to pop round and fix a new thermostat and put some silican in the kitchen! I mean, what english workman woukd have that vocabulary in another language just waiting to be asked! We were slightly suprised but let them in and they proceeded to get on with the job in a typically thorough manner,  as you would expect. Although when he asked if we had any electrical tape in the flat we did have to as it that no, we didnt, we never thought to bring any with us, travelling in trains through Europe.

Duties done we then had coffee and finally were off to the Film Museum which is the only one Guy had expressed an interest in, it wasn’t a museum at all, it showed stuff in Austrian at 6pm and 9pm every day, which was no good to us as we have already explained our Austrian is somewhat lacking and we had a train to catch this evening.

Instead Guy got coffee out of a tin and cake to satisfy him, somewhat.



We then did a bit of clothes shopping around Vienna before heading off to the train station for our 9.30pm train to Venice.  However being savvy travellers we had checked what our overnight expensive tickets gave us and it was unlimited snacks and wine from the first class lounge in the station. This commenced at 6.30, we arrived arrived 6.45 so as to not look to eager, and proceeded to make the most of the free wine, snacks and wifi, love travelling by train.

Managed to catch the train and low and behold there was more free wine there as well! Did I mention I loved travelling by train?  This booth was much more comfortable than the last bone shaker, with more room, and less shaking. Feeling suitably drunk we had a decent nights rest!

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