Day in Hamburg 8.9.16

Woken by beautiful late summer sunshine pouring through the curtains and the noise of subway trains from the station next to the hostel. Wandered into Hamburg through the historic dock area with its imposing red brick buildings, along the dock front to the edgy St Pauli area and along the seedy Reeperbahn which at midday was just full of drunks. A stroll through the  city gardens led us to the centre where due to exhaustion and the extreme heat we had to rest for a cold lager and a currywurst. As usual though, this just inflamed our artistic curiosity so we visited the Museum for Kunst (careful spellcheck) to see a Japanese Hokusai and Manga exhibition. After an afternoon kebab, the heat drove us to a siesta and feeling refreshed we pottered into town for a very foreign experience of drinking lager and a kebab on the way home. (Yes, two kebabs in one day)

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