Hamburg to Copenhagen 9.9.16

Up early for the train to Copenhagen.  We both commented on how short the train was and realised why when it drove onto a ferry to cross the water to Denmark. (For any train geeks, it was the most stylish interior so far). 

We walked the 50 metres to the hostel and dropped our backpacks before setting off to explore with enthusiastic excitement at popping our Scandinavian cherry. Copenhagen is beautiful. Grand architecture, picturesque back streets and canals lined with quaint cottages and a cafe culture with very friendly English speaking locals. We would also discover that the locals like a beer.  

We stopped for a posh butty with salad and fish in a small place which was possibly the coolest cafe I’ve trodden in. A really old building with ancient features big old tables and chipped crockery. New is not always better. 

We checked in to our luxury 6 berth spacious dorm and wondered what our room mates would be like (best case = Danish women’s beach volleyball team. Worst case = Spanish stoners who shout instead of sleeping). The hostel recommended a bar which was handily located at the start of a self guided city tour so off we hiked via two dark imperial stouts. Our walk was bathed in glorious late summer sunshine and the city was coming out for Friday night so the atmosphere was fabulous. We entered a park where families and friends sat together drinking and soaking up the sun and as we try and always fit in we returned to a Netto we had passed for beer and reindeer salami and then to the park to observe the locals. Picnic finished, we walked down to see the little mermaid and use the facilities.

Walking back to the centre we came across a canal lined with bars and restaurants heaving with Copenhageners enjoying a Friday night. Sat across from them along the canal edge were more budget revellers indulging in cans of carlsberg and tuborg. We headed straight to the nearest can shop. The beer tasted sweet and the atmosphere  was so enjoyable we decided to splash out on a second can, I returned from the shop to find Alison being “wooed” by a tanned suited local lothario. Tempted to just watch, I decided to do the right thing and rescue her by pushing him into the canal (joking).

Amazed by our frugality of drinking tins in the park and by the canal we thought we’d have one for the road in a building. Before you could say “We’re British” we came across the Lord Nelson selling pints of ale and playing 80s British rock. Perfect.

Heading home we saw the party bus sponsored by Malibu where drunk young revellers are driven around having a disco in a bus. Coming to the UK soon? 

Finally we got home to find an aussie girl waiting up for us in our dorm. Neighbours eh?

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