Stockholm 12.9.16

​Deep within the sensory deprevation chamber of room 4 Hostel Dalagatan,  two middle aged travellers slept. Eventually after 10 hours, without the noise of neighbours, trains, farting or extreme heat they awoke feeling pretty damn chipper.

Another beautiful sunny day ahead (our luck can’t last) we headed out for a great big stroll around the capital of Sweden. Down wide streets and through parks we pottered watching the locals do their Monday morning thing which seemed to be lunges in the park, sitting outside coffee shops or if you are a 30 year old bloke, pushing a pram. Eventually we stopped for lunch at the Ostermalm Saluhall,  a food market which has the best of Swedish produce. There were sides of salmon which make the ones sold in Morrissons look like goldfish. They were a bit pricey though so we opted for classic Scandinavian open sandwiches of herring and prawn which were very good. After that a cardamon roll and cinamon roll from a tiny bakery which only accepted card payment which we’re finding the norm here.

We continued walking along the waterfront to an island of the Djurgarden or Royal gardens where we passed the Absolut Spirit gallery, ABBA museum and Tivoli  fun gardens,  none of which interested both of us.

On to Gamlastan island or old town which is the island in the centre of the whole bay of islands which makeup Stockholm.  As the name suggests it is made up of old cobbled streets and alleyways shaded by tall buildings and lit by old iron lamps. It is historic and quaint but the nostalgic feel is tempered by gangs of pre – teen lads chasing around waving mobile phones playing pokemon.

We both fancied one last glass of Red before we head to Russia and as we couldn’t buy any yesterday we were intrigued to look round a government run bottleshop called Systembolaget.

We were shocked to see wine the same price as in the Uk as in some Stockholm bars a glass of house red was £9, so we bought a bottle.

Time for food and as we’re in the home of Ikea it had to be meatballs so we found ourselves outside Meatballs For The People where we had deer meatballs and mash with pickled cucumber and lingonberries which was very very good.

For those interested Al’s fitbit said we walked 12.79 miles today.

One thought on “Stockholm 12.9.16”

  1. come on, where’s the pic of guy with Abba – we want to see a shot of him in white dungarees!! 😉

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