St Petersburg 16.9.16

Soviet era donuts for brekkie then the world famous Hermitage museum, of which the director once said “I can’t say that the hermitage is the number one museum in the world, but it’s certainly not the second.” He clearly hasn’t been to the black country museum in Dudley.

Anyway, we bought tickets at the electronic machine so we dodged the 30 min queue (Sometimes I don’t understand my fellow human), but had to navigate around the many, many tour groups at the entrance to the museum. Non art lovers please look away now and jump to the next paragraph where normal service of pictures of food will resume. The guides say there is so much stuff here you’re better to just focus on something and not wander so we headed to the Da Vinci room to see the two versions of Madonna with child and on the way we saw a huge golden peacock clock and lots of tour groups. The Flemish art was good but for me the best thing was the Siberian exhibits in the basement. 6000 year old carpets and mummies from the steppes. INCREDIBLE!

Russian food for lunch, borscht,  solyanka  (meat soup) and salmon roe pancakes. 

After this, some medical affairs to attend to. Alison was savagely attacked by bed bugs in Copenhagen and has been suffering desperately since. The worst part is that they are on her face and neck, so besides the flaming itch she is very self concious of the huge red lumps she has to bare, so we headed to the American Medical Centre to get her some medication. They were very helpful despite our terrible Russian and we managed to get tablets and cream which were used immediately. 
The afternoon entertainment was the Museum of Political History which we mistakenly walked to. An hour later, after crossing the Neva river we entered the former home of the Prima Ballerina and Nicholas the Seconds mistress (job perks). This museum was fascinating offering an unbiased view of the events leading up to the revolution, the revolution, Stalins gulags, the Thaw (softening to to the west) and then Yeltsin handing over to Putin. Very interesting , but sometimes the English translations of the Russian text was a bit difficult to fathom out. We saw Lenin’s desk though!

We tried the tube for the first time and entered a futurist circular building and spent 3.5p each to cover the hour walk to get home.

Georgian food for tea as it’s been on my mind. Spinach and walnut pkhali

beef khinkali

light bread with raw egg

tomato and beef stew and sausages. Very nice. 

Tired. Home. Sleep 7′ in air.

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