Last day in St P 19.9.16

Pastries for breakfast.

A lovely sunny day for our last one here but the temperature has noticeably dropped and a jumper and light coat are required.

After a sizeable breakfast we view the Leningrad (as St Petersburg was known in the Soviet era) blockade museum. Photographs, memorabilia and paintings about the 900 days siege during the Great Patriotic War (WW2). Very sobering. There were English information cards which were helpful but had been filtered through a propaganda sieve which wasn’t really necessary considering the subject.

After lunch in a more upmarket restaurant than we’re used to, we headed down the ever busy Nevskiy Prospekt for one last time following our guide books descriptions of the buildings. 

The Stroganoff’s palace, Cathedrals, Churches, Faberg√©’s showroom, Singer sewing Co HQ were all gawped at in bright late summer sunshine.

We have both loved St Petersburg. It is a very big city with wonderful architecture and despite what people assume, friendly people. Its also a good introduction to Russia as street signs and metro signs are in English as well as Cyrillic.

Catherine the Greats’ Winter Palace

Singer Sewing HQ

Kazan Cathedral

Church of Spilled Blood

All Metro stations we’ve used have been round

Our hostel

Hostel stairwell

Fact of the day – Russian hipsters wear New Balance trainers

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