Moscow 22.9.16

Quiet day today.

Woke up to the sound of torrential rain so neither of us had much enthusiasm to traipse around Moscow. The sound is amplified by the huge aluminium drainpipes which spill onto the pavement, making light drizzle sound tempestuous.

We decided to focus on the only task we had to complete while in Moscow and headed off to pick up our tickets for the Trans-Mongolian train. We are starting to be able to decipher some Cyrillic letters and understand metro station names. Moscow is good practise for this as there are no english translations, unlike St Petersburg.

Tickets acquired we headed for lunch at a canteen chain and as usual got over excited at the unusual things on offer and selected and ate too much. Although the rain had got worse we walked home to help digestion as we were both stuffed.

In the evening we explored our local neighbourhood and stuck our noses into a department store. Initially it felt very strange, like returning to a former life where there are shiny things for sale that you might buy instead of just living out of a rucksack. The food court was very well stocked with a tapas bar showing ice hockey and football, a cake stall, wine, cheese, meat stalls, a humus bar and the fish counter had live fish in a tank for you to choose. No bread shortages here.

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