23.9.2016 Moscow 

Today I had a banana and didnt spit it out in disgust, it was okay but as we need to eat peelable fruit here I decided to man up and just get on with eating them. Banoffee pie next!

I needed to send my postcards to my nieces and nephew so had manged to decipher what building was the post office (it looked like a police emblem ) and went to get some stamps . On entering the building there were about 6 booths for service yet only 1 was in business, a so far very similar to England.  I stood in line behind 4 other people and started to wait. A minute or two later someone else came in and asked me something in Russian, I stared back and did the international sign for haven’t got a clue by shrugging my shoulders and looking at the woman next to me, who then confirmed that I was the last person in the queue, which by English standards wouldn’t need asking as I was the last person in the queue. This then preceeded to happen each time a new person came through the door. However some people went to sit down or went out for a coffee and and came back so it became apparent to me then why the question needed to be asked. After about 20 minutes there were about 10 people behind me (or sitting down, or popped out for coffee) and a young lass came in,  saw the queue and went straight to the front and had a right barney at the post office clerk. I mean right barney,  everyone just stared. The clerk gave as good as she got! The angry lass left. Meanwhile the queue hadn’t moved on. Eventually one person had been served and we were moving up the queue,  however as this had taken the best part of 25 mins and the woman in front of me had a passport in her hand, which always means a long wait in England, I gave up and took my business to another post office later on which was more efficient but less of an insight into the Russian queuing system.

So we were off the the museum of modern art today, having been told that Russians were not into modern art we were very surprised to see a massive queue when we got there, and on joining this massive queue even more surprised when it didn’t move for 10 mins and so we decided to leave it and get up early tomorrow and come back as it was obviously a popular place. 

Next to the museum is a park filled with loads of old soviet sculptures which was quite eerie.

And a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud with Led Zeppelin painted all over it.

Below is a gigantic model of a boat which the Russians has planed to give the Americans but they refused it, probably as it is too flippin big! The figure on the front was Columbus but when it was not given to the Americans they changed the figure to Peter the Great and plonked it here.

We are on day 2 of all day rain and it was starting to pelt it down so we skipped a leisurely walk in the park and took shelter in the museum of cosmonauts which had very little English translation as usual so we opted for an audio guide, which required Guy to hand in his passport as a deposit! The audio guide gave you more information and it was interesting to see the mock ups and space suit’s, they had Micheal Collins space spacesuit from the moon landing but it was all a Cyrillic blur otherwise.

Still we had seen a few more metro stations so that was a bonus.

We were starving, it was 2pm, so went back into town for lunch at Guardian  (Moscow Times) recommended place which was crap! Sorrel soup didn’t taste of sorrel, pickle soup which didn’t seem to have an pickles and goulash which had some grim bits of meat in it. Guy’s ‘main’ of dumplings was 9 tiny dumplings and nothing else. 

Disheartened we went home and needed to look for somewhere nice for tea and found a lovely Georgian restaurant just down the road (and it sold Georgian red wine, bonus!). Food was lovely and the wine even better. 

Needing to walk off the food we went and saw the autumn festival in the city centre, stalls selling jams, pickles and preserves and oddly raw duck and chickens! We also saw the Bolshoi ballet building being lit up and having a very, very long Samsung Galaxy S7 advert projected onto it, how things have changed!

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