Into Novosibirsk 3.10.16

Very sunny in Siberia but alongside the further two hours we’ve jumped ahead, we have the expected temperature drop down to 6° C.

Metro and walk to hostel and after checkin we head to a recommended Georgian restaurant just round the corner. This is the 4th one we’ve tried and are loving it. We are seated in front of Spurs v Man City but try and focus on the menu.

Red bean stew with spices, mutton meatball spiced soup, mutton and mushrooms in sour cream sauce, chicken shashlik and kachapuri (bread). Food is delicious. You need to try Georgian food people!

Al heads for a siesta as she has a cold and I explore the capital of Siberia alone. The streets are wide and full of cars some with bumpers some without. Trams look battered and old. Pavements are uneven in places and kerbs are very high so you need to watch your step but people look relaxed and smiley in the October sunshine. Many bars and restaurants are located below ground with just a sign next to a stairwell so my Cyrillic translation skills get tested. I go into a supermarket to buy tissues for the patient and am surprised by the lack of identifiable products but then I was surprised by the opulence of StP and Moscow. Siberia is how I had wrongly envisioned all of Russia to be before I got here.

The Theatre and Opera house is huge and has a dramatic statue of Lenin in front. His coat flapping in the Siberian wind. Opposite is a very Gaudi-esque building.

I pass a hat shop and the prices in the window look reasonable. When Alison threw the last of our Euros off the ferry she also lost my new hat she was borrowing. (Although there is no blame in team Roberts). I decide on a greyish one and very pleased with it I vainly look at my reflection in shop windows on the way home. 

Al is better so we walk 200 yards to………a craft ale bar. Dark Russian beers casually supped and an early night.

One thought on “Into Novosibirsk 3.10.16”

  1. There is something magical about the Eastern Bloc (old school) I fear I too am like Trump and admire what Putin has done……ok don’t mean a word of it but like the look of it!!

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