Novosibirsk 4.10.16

Another cloudless sky in the Siberian capital. After a trip to the post office we head to Travellers Coffee as we like coffee and we’re on our travels. We didn’t realise that alongside our uninspiring latte we’d be buying into a middle class aspirational lifestyle with smooth comfy sofas, framed pictures of laughing coffee bean farmers and indulgent cakes. Like the rest of the world, Russia is in love with coffee and there are many, many coffee shops. We left Travellers coffee realising that to drink there, we had become middle class dropouts with aspirations of a clean toilet and a lack of body parasites.

As it was Tuesday the History museum was closed which pleased one member of team Roberts. On to State Art museum which had some excellent Soviet art and some wonderful pictures by talented local children.

Soup, salad and Pelmeni for lunch in a restaurant attached to the Double tree Hilton. Pelmeni are little pasta parcels containing veg or meat like ravioli or gyoza. One type contained stock which were good.

We walked up to the very impressive opera house and watched the local bmx kids ignore the signs to keep away from Lenin.

The main road has some great examples of Soviet architecture with huge simple unadorned buildings with clean lines.

In the evening we walked down to a brewpub opposite the art gallery. Its located on one side of an old red brick building which had been split into many bars, restaurants and shops which were full of the cool kids, wealthy middle aged and a couple of scruffy looking English midlanders. Craft ale and pizza for tea but the evenings entertainment was the table next to us who were celebrating a girls 17th birthday. They looked really young and drank plum wine and her birthday candles were arranged in a giant hamburger which they could only eat half of. Happy Birthday was sung in English.

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