11.10.2016 Ulan Ude 

Last day in Russia and for once we were under budget and had roubles to spend / get rid of. I was going to buy some earrings but the shop was closed (much to Guy’s delight) so we went to the supermarket (called Titan) and bought vodka and pot noodles. Thought we should do some culture so visited the Buryat museum for that. It was filled with a lot of information about Tibetan Buddhism and Shamanism (both of which the Buryats followed) but very little about Buryats themselves so if like us you want more information please visited Wikipedia!!! Save yourself £3.50 and Trans Sib fare. 

Lunch was at Marco Polo restaurant, soups followed by vegetables and chicken on a stick. It was delicious and filling. 

As the sky was clear blue we had another wander round to see everything in the sunshine and enjoy that weather. 
Tea was in a fancy  canteen restaurant, which had a slight odour of creosote, which was ok.

 We took another photo of Lenin with the moon. 

We then spent our last 121 roubles on 2 cans of beer, one of which was very similar to special brew, delicious! 

Thinking that an early night was a good idea we turned in and tried to get some zzzzz’ s before our 5.30am wake up call. Only to have the hotel owner politely waking us up at 23.45 with our police registration papers!!!! Fortunately I did not know the Russian for ‘Why the hell have you woken me up for that when I had just dropped off to sleep and have to be up in 5.45 mins’ so I just glared at him and thanked him. 

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