Mongolia Trip Day 4 17.10.16

Our sleeping companion awakes. He is American. We chat with him and our French Canadian friend over bread and jam. 

Our companions leave and we have a goodbye with the family (not Dorio as he is our checking his herd). Dolgor not content with doing breakfast has time to make us a mini ger out of wool. Ace!

The kids are getting dropped off at school as part of our tour so we are all thrown around the van as Moogi demonstrates his rally driving skills one more time.  

We see a vulture fly over the van, it has a 3m wing span and it looks massive.

Music in the car has been Mongolian so nothing we have recognised until we get a soft rock version of Simon and Garfunkels Sound of silence, which was really odd to hear in the middle of Mongolia. 

We had lunch at same service station as way out, Guy had my meal from before, burger, egg, salads and rice. I had chicken, rice and salads. It was pretty decent. 

As we approach UB, the previously clear blue skies become grey over the city. You can see and taste the pollution. The pastoral and industrial worlds collide as cows wander through petrol stations and along dual carriageway central reservations. It is also normal to use a petrol station as a short cut, which is thrilling!! 

We swing right to drive round the south and east of the city past new developments and the Mongolian presidents house. A proposed future wealthy playground or a white elephant of unusually designed buildings?

We are on our way to Teralji National Park where one attraction is Turtle rock. I think you can see why it is so named.

Our accommodation tonight is a tourist ger. Luxury. We have a light switch, open ended beds, coal instead of dung, coat stand and fairy lights on long drops which are brand new so smell of woodchip which is a pleasant change. There was also a glimpse of cabbage in the kitchen, I am excited at the thought of vegetables.

We relax for an hour then walk up hill behind our ger camp with Badz for wonderful view of park at sunset. Badz is 24 and so leaps like a mountain goat up there, We are more sedate and careful. There views are stunning, and we have pine trees again. 

We go into main ger and meet a Korean lass there, chat and then have dinner of potato, meat and cabbage soup with dumplings. It is steaming hot and fabulous.  There is no dad or kid around so mum in law gets tea towel and soap present the rest we keep (whoop, extra vodka!!!).

We head back to ours for vodka and kids sweets and relax. Suddenly we get a visitor through our door, the kid of the ger, swiftly followed by the dad, then Badz and then the Korean lass, so the sweets and vodka are given out. The dad disappears with our vodka, comes back with another (more expensive but smaller bottle of vodka). We then engage with the now familiar rounds of vodka shots and learn that you should never pour your own drink, and always present and accept with your right hand.

Dad and kid disappear and we spend a lovely couple of hours with Badz and Korean lass discussing Chinggis Khan, Korea and history of this area. 

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