31.10.2016 Qingdao 

It is 3.30am, 5 degrees (feels less) in our room, blowing a gale outside and we wake up to a familiar high pitched wining noise around our heads. How on earth are there mosquitoes in this weather??? We kill 3 of the little blighters, leaving our blood smeared on the walls, and look forward to finding out where we were bitten in the morning.

Guy has 7 bites on his head, 3 on his back and 1 on his arm. I get away with a couple on my arms and face. 

As the weather has turned to gale force winds, rain and close to zero degrees (including wind chill factor) we cancel tourism. We go to the train station and easily buy train tickets for the next stages of our trip up until 18 November (Xiaman). We celebrate with Onigiri’s and spend ages looking for a cafe that we can take shelter in for the rest of the day without being thrown out. Finally we find one, and spend the day drinking coffee, then pear & jasmine tea whilst the baristas do coffee and tea tastings in the background.  It was a slow day at work for them as well.  

The wind and rain eventually dies down and we venture outside. Up the road there are cafes everywhere, we have never seen so many. Also a Roman Catholic church and more restaurants. One thing there is plenty of in Qingdao is restaurants!!! 

We select a noodle soup place for tea, it is warming and delicious, even more so once we had slipped in a couple of teaspoons of chilli sauce. 

The local speciality is seafood and we have ‘Snack Street’ just around the corner from our hostel, it is full of seafood on sticks, seafood dumplings, crabs, sea anemones, oysters, starfish, and other stuff we have no idea about but it just doesn’t look fresh. We don’t risk it especially as we do not have ensuite and the toilets are freezing cold!!

We do risk some chocolate puffs from the local supermarket though, think wotsits but cheap chocolate flavoured. 

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