4.11.2016 Qufu

So we had a day off today! Yeah! 

Started with breakfast in the hostel, I had my first banana pancake, ever, it was ok. Guy had a seaweed and egg soup which he said was delicious. We had a pot of tea that was never ending and planned some more of our trip, blogged and got annoyed with the WiFi cutting out.

Finally decided to do a rekkie of the bus stop we needed to get for tomorrow. We were so chuffed at getting a bus to the hostel so were adamant we were getting one tomorrow morning for the train. Taxi is 40 yuan (£5), bus is 2 yuan(£0.25) – you do the math!

Walked down the street and got distracted by photos of noodle soup so entered a kind of food court and with much pointing, nodding and laughing we ordered 2 bowls of soup. We went spicy. Guy’s spicy (some call it bald) patch leaked, my eyes leaked. It was good, not the best ever but for 22 yuan (£2.80) who can complain? 

Outside of the city walls not much was happening. We had a wander about, found the bus stop then went for a walk around the city walls and down the back streets. This is one of our favourite things to do as you get to see so much more than in a museum.

We saw various seafoods in plastic bowls of water waiting to be eaten, bamboo steamers being made, pet stores (small cages), recharge stations for your electric scooter, a family decorating a car (obviously in red ribbon for luck), people putting flags out in one street are the things we can remember. 

We head back to the hostel as they had some lush cranberry cookies available which we fancied with our tea time beer. Cookies were fab but the mosquitoes we not so we go outside for fresh air and keep moving to deter the mossies! 

We went back to the place we ate the first night as we had spied what we thought looked like Chairman Mao ‘s pork dish, and also green stuff on the menu. We order a beer (in Chinese) and wait. The beer comes with the first dish, greens (and huge lumps of garlic) we dive in. Next comes the pork and it is absolutely divine. 20 years ago, neither of us would have touched this dish, it was pork belly, so loads of fat, and really quite rich and greasy but we had tried making it at home and loved it. We also had green beans (cold!) with a miso and soy dressing and a tonne of raw garlic on top! It cleared out our sinuses! 

As the beer had bloated us, so we decided to try the local firewater again, a small bottle of Biaju was purchased and we were back in the room to watch our favourite channel- Real Madrid and Barcelona football channel and have a wee drink or two. 

Obviously a small bottle was not enough so we headed out after the first match for another small bottle. I am not sure what the percentage was of this one but Guy seemed to get really quite hammered, I hid the bottle (he had had one glass out of it) and we went to bed, after the next Barcelona match, knowing we had the train to catch tomorrow…….

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