07.11.2016 Nanjing 

Had street stall pancake for breakfast, we have had a few of these now and they are always different, today’s was full of odd looking pickled veg as well as the usual over cooked egg, soyabean paste and streak of chilli. It was lush as always!

We then walked the same way yesterday through the park to the Nanjing state Museum. It wasn’t as crowded as yesterday but there were still a number of locals out doing their thing.

We walked along the tree lined street to the museum.

Entry to the museum is free, but that doesn’t mean you can just march in, oh no, you have to get a ticket from the service centre, show your passport, get a small piece of paper, walk to the next building along and enter the museum unchecked. Glad we followed the rules!

We only had til 12 noon to view it which is usually long enough for us pair, however it was actually a fascinating museum, with lots of English explanations, and loads to see. They has even done a mock up of an old street which was filled with old fashioned shops, and as this is China, they were actual shops selling stuff to the masses. 

We were greeted with heavy rain when we left so we took the subway to Yangs Dumplings, there was a queue forming so we duly joined stand ordered our duck blood soup (Guy) spicy noodle soup (Me) and obviously more dumplings! It was crowded so everyone has to share tables and slurp noisily together. No one wants to sit with us!

The soups were uninspiring, mine had the oddest noodles in them that were slimey and seemed to increase in size in the bowl. I drank the soup and enjoyed the dumplings, just as delicious as yesterday.

I saw this sign on leaving the supermarket which made my clothes shopping options much simpler (from tomorrow!)

As the weather continued to pour down we sheltered in a cafe and had a milky, creamy green tea which sounded and looked wrong but actually tasted pretty good. 

As we dashed home we passed a good looking wine shop (is there any other???) and went in on the quest from information about decent chinese wine. The owner of the shop was chatty and informative, so we had a look around the shop and before you could say Birthday Wine we had sat down and were drinking a delicious bottle of Chinese red vino 

As the budget was now blown money was saved on tea by eating pot noodles. Mine was a purple pot with a panda on the front (hoping no pandas were inside) Guy’s was the other one. After another bottle of Chinese Dynasty wine, it tasted delicious

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