20.11.2016 Not visiting Gulang Lu

Hostel staff convince us that we are ok to get a bus to the Gulyang Lu ferry port. We follow their instructions, catch bus with usual grumpy driver who glares at us, pay our 12p each and play chicken as to when we should get off the bus. We miss the Guyang Lu ferry stop and have to walk about 2km back to the local port we saw yesterday and which our trusty lonely planet tells us we can get a ferry from. It is hot and humid and sweaty. 

Queuing up we see new signs which forbid anyone but a local using the local (cheap) ferry. All other tourists (including Chinese) have to use the ferry port we have just walked 2 km from and pay 5 times the price. We sigh, and maybe we swore a little too. As we were only doing this to kill time we forget it and decide to have a wander around the building site which is Xiamen. 

We go into a mall and see kids on an indoor ice rink practicing for the winter Olympics. It is just the weather for that at 29 degrees. We sit in a park for a bit. 

We get a BRT to the station and have a kumquat bubble tea! Lush but really, kumquats…..just the name makes me giggle and think I am too middle class . 

Guy is starving so we settle on a Korean restaurant and have a vegetable bimbi (hot pot kinda thing first introduced to us by fellow traveller Steve O’Connor in Birmingham!) also tonkasu chicken with a sweet sauce and shredded Chinese cabbage and apple sauce, kimchi and pickled diakon. It is really delicious. 

Also interesting to note that the 2 young blokes sat next to us have one sentence between them the whole time we are there. The rest of the time is spent on phones and have headphones on. Youth of today!

We have a free evening, Sunday evening. What to do? No bars but the local shop sells some small bottles of booze which we haven’t tried yet.

We tried them, mentholly and cloves flavours over power the palette. 35% though so does the job and at least we can say we tried it. 

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