26.11.2016 Taipei and suncream

Today was the day that both our weather apps promised sunshine and sunshine, so we dressed in flip flops, skirt (shorts for Guy) and covered ourselves in suncream. We flip flopped our way though the local market, waving and smiling.  The food looked as good as yesterday so Guy had another onion bread and then we spied the fried counter. We had promised ourselves vegetables today as we were feeling the need for them, but the lure of fried stuff was too much, we chose fish, sausage, taro and sweet potato ball and savory tofu wrap thing, possibly not as many vegetables as we were hoping. They were dusted in a spicy powder and were hot and delicious.

Coffee required so we went to a museum in a café, it had loads of old stuff, curiosities in 4 rooms and was ace just to wander about looking at. 

We had coffee, Guy’s had brown sugar crust and was delicious. 

As the sun was still shining we went to the nearby Da’an park and watched the wildlife doing what only wildlife can do in the open air.

The warm weather was starting to fade which was a surprise to us and our weather apps. We assumed it was a blip and carried on down the back streets until we came across a beautiful restaurant for lunch. It was organic and had vegetables, that was enough to get us through the door. The food was really delicate and tasty, the set menu was of soup, vegetable dishes and a meat dish of your choice, I chose beef in star anise and citrus, Guy chose pork trotters. The other dishes were cabbage, braised peanuts, tofu for me and pumpkin for Guy. It was entertaining watching Guy eat pigs trotters with a spoon and chopsticks. 

We spent a lovely couple of hours relaxing in the restaurant, by the time we left it was looking dull and forboding. We met a couple of Mormons, chatted, until we realised they were Mormons and they were trying to sign us up. Coincidently the weather took a remarkable turn for the worst, rain and winds picked up and I had to get put the emergency poncho. It was an emergency situation.

We decided to take shelter in a creative park, the Huashan 1914 creative park. We walked past a couple of women drinking a bottle of red wine. Our heads turned. The wine was £30 a bottle.  Heads shook and we carried on through a creative art space filled with middle class crafty stuff to buy. We needed none of it but the area was quite lovely and the old buildings had a shabby but cared for look about them.

Being British, on holiday, in flip flops and it raining we decided the only other thing to do is have ice cream. We went to Snow King, and had a salty sesame oil chicken scoop along with a longan date scoop of ice cream. Strange but delicious.

As we hadn’t had enough to eat yet Guy stopped and got a steamed pork bun. 

We decided that really 3 meals today was enough but maybe getting some sushi to keep hunger at bay would be a good idea so we went to the bento box counter at the station for supplies. They also had garlic bread, we bought garlic bread, sushi, chocolate tart and almond snickers for tea. I have no idea why we are putting on weight in this country!

As it was Saturday night we decided to try a selection of the local beers, we bought and took them back to our Air BnB flat and settled down to blog,  write diary and relax. 

At 8pm our Air BnB mates came home. We then realised they were serious about cooking us dinner when they arrived back with vegetables, mushroom balls, clams and a thai style fermented fish sauce. We ate more food. 

They were also kind enough to buy some 1000 year old preserved eggs, a Taiwanese delicacy, the eggs used to be soaked in horse piss for 6 months nowadays they ferment them in chinese white wine for 2 weeks. The fact the taste is similar could explain why we are avoiding chinese white wine!

The eggs had a faint whiff of ammonia and the white had turned to jelly with a cream cheese yolk texture which was quite odd. Guy ate 3/4 of the egg,  I didn’t vomit. 

We stayed up for sometime chatting and learning more about Taiwan and its people, Skype’d home and chatted some more.


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