27.11.2016 Taipei

We are getting into a slackers routine here. We stay up late chatting to Fiona and our new friends and the bed is really comfortable so we are having trouble getting anything done. We arrive at the MRT (Mass Rapid Transport) station at 12.31 pm. 

It is raining, again, but at least it is 20 plus degrees. 

We are off for lunch, we aren’t even pretending to call it brunch, we missed it so lunch is calling. It is beef noodle soup we are wanting and we are prepared to queue for it. There are many queues for food here and mostly we can ignore them being impatient westerners but we are wanting a famous noodle soup from Yong Kang. We huddle from the persistent rain and all form an orderly line to the restaurant, past other restaurants with no business.

Once inside we order the soup, one with spicy broth and one with beef tendons, there is a whole display counter for pickles and accompaniments, kinda like a salad bar at a Harvester, but tastier and less familiar!

The soup is absolutely delicious, hoa jia, and we slurp it down noisily.

We left the restaurant, queues still outside, and walked towards the centre of town. 

We stumbled into the Chaing Chi Shek memorial which was welcome as it had started to rain, heavily, again.

 It is the biggest monument to someone that lost a civil war that I have ever been to. I still didn’t really understand any more about him when I left, but maybe that was the point?

After nearly 3 months travelling we are needing some more clothes, so go over to Wu Fen Pu for cheap clothes, none as cheap as Primark! 

Socks and t-shirts bought we are off to KGB, Kiwi Gourmet Burger, for an amazing burger and cheese n bacon fries. OMG it was delicious!

We got back to our flat to see that everyone had left and we were on our own! We had a couple of beers, started blogging and diarying and drinking local beers. Fiona came up and we spent ages chatting to her about Taiwan, the people and customs. It is fascinating to chat to her. 

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