28.11.16 Taipei Nangang to Xinyi

So we are moving Taipei homes today as we have seen too little of Taipei and unfortunately Fiona is booked up so we are off to the CBD district. First though we need cash and lunch both of which were found in our wonderful neighbourhood. We also see loads of cockroaches splattered or dying on the street and see some guys with massive exterminator gas contraptions, we assume the 2 are related.

Breakfast drink first, I am boring and have black coffee, Guy has Chinese Milk with Jobs Tears, and that wasn’t even using Google translate! We think it was soya milk with something, if that helps? 

Lunch is a meat bento box, looks great and tastes even better. And we have vegetables!!!!!

We transfer to our new abode within an hour. It is not as good as Fiona’s place, it is just a room with ensuite, bad WiFi and a warning not to tell the neighbours you are Air BnB’ing, but it is interesting to be in a different part of town. 

We get the tube to Longshan temple, one of the main temples in Taipei, we luckily get there just as the nuns are doing their evening chanting, it is a really atmospheric experience with incense and everyone praying to the different gods and chanting.

We need food so are off to Ningxia market which is supposed to be one of the better ones, but we were disappointed. There isn’t much different food there, but we do have bitter tea. It is bitter, worse that the strongest builders tea you can imagine. 

I try exploding chicken roll, it didn’t explode, apparently that can happen when you bite into it. It was chicken meat wrapped in chicken skin, dusted in spices, bbq til crispy on outside and juicy in the inside,   it tasted delicious.

Guy waits for ages for some sweet potato balls. They are fried til crispy but the technique is to squeeze them whilst frying them with that massive looking sieve, we end up with a bag of empty balls, quite odd. 

Next up is another pork and mustard greens greens steamed bun for Guy.  It is the thing that I keep seeing people rave about on blogs but I am just not that keen,  the bun is not that great and the pork isn’t well flavoured,  Guy’s comments was ‘it is okay ‘.

Finally Guy goes for a local classic, vermicelli with oysters,  I am dubious and when it turns up tepid so is Guy! The broth and vermicelli is tasty but we don’t dare try the oysters, neither of us like the snotty little things anyway. 

We go back to Taipei 101 to see the big building lit up at night, and see a food court there. The queue for Din Tai Fun was huge, we were chuffed that we had already been when we were in Tainjin!!! The rest of the food court looked really interesting and we make a note to come back here. 

We had seen some local liqueur so needed to try it. It was strong and tasted of alcohol only, we won’t be repeating that experience!

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