30.11.16 Taipei Design Museum

Having missed out on coffee yesterday we do a crawl this morning because coffee is:

  1. very good in Taipei
  2. much cheaper in Taiwan than Russia and China
  3. a stimulant.

First up Laoos Coffee for cappuccino/americano and due to a communication breakdown a cheese and egg croissant.

Second was a pair of espressos at Cama which were slightly bitter.

We then ignore the humidity and sprint downtown to the town hall to see a kid friendly exhibit on the development, history and layout of Taipei. The friendly staff photo us on the way in and our mug shots are still gurning at us from a huge electronic screen when we leave.

Stimulant fading we walk down the street to Taipei 101 food court. Taipei 101 is the dominating skyscraper in the Taiwanese capital and designed to resemble bamboo. 

Al is a bit under the weather so wonton soup for her. For desert we try shaved ice with red beans and braised peanuts with condensed milk. Its unusual texture / flavour combo means we probably won’t order it again.

I then somehow chaperone Al down a street full of patisseries to the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park based around a 1937 tobacco factory. The building is beautiful. I really like the styled concrete and the large black windows and symmetrical wooden doors. Inside are huge stone corridors set at right angles around the internal courtyard space like an old school, with natural light flooding in through large windows. Wood panelling separates the internal spaces.

We buy tickets and start at the achingly hip exhibition of 100 Years of Dutch Design. (Tan – a link) There is a chair.

Next is a display of local artists exhibits including a tear gun.

Finally we see the entries for the golden pin design awards which showcases Asian design.

We sit in the central baroque garden looking at the fabulous plant display and the stadium being built next door. I really like it here and don’t want to leave. Despite my better judgement I use the word cool. On the way out, while posing for the essential chicken shot, I’m attacked by a giant goose.

The patisserie street can’t be walked twice without stopping and I find myself in Voodoo Doughnut. Al has a bacon maple doughnut and I have a Dead Guy Ale.

Home at twilight through a park where locals practice tai chi, mosquitoes target British midlanders, people push dogs around in prams and graffiti artists are artistes.

The creative park has gone to my head and I buy a small bottle of ginger liqueur and a can of honey beer thinking they’ll taste great together but the liqueur smells of a musty old Chinese herbalist.

We finish the day at Wuxing Night market which is more like a street with lots of restaurants and a few stalls. I have a really juicy fried pork dumpling .

A local guy kindly helps us order food at a restaurant where we have fried chicken and steamed dumplings.

Taipei 101 at night –

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