1.12.16 Taipei to Hualien

Heavy rains on the corrugated iron roofs outside meant a bad nights sleep. The advent calendar we brought with us is at the bottom of my rucksack too.

We are leaving Taipei and would be very sad about it if we didn’t know we were coming back. We buy train tickets for the slow train to Hualien which saves us £2.50 each but adds 1.5 hours onto our journey. Time is something we are rich in.

The train is quiet with few passengers,  something we never saw in China. We stare at the wet, grey scenery and watch it become hilly, green, wet scenery. We crawl along the east coast where the rough sea is a deep blue flecked with white foam and lush mountains descend sharply. Beaches are strewn with washed up wood and unspoilt. Its a beautiful coastline and we are even treated to blue skies.

After a bad exit to the wrong side of the tracks we find the hostel and dump bags. The hostel is very stylish, exposed concrete floors and wooden planks, retro distressed furniture and neon signs. We have a double bunk bed! Weird.

Its a bad time to eat, between lunch and tea when restaurants are tidying up or preparing so we eat onigiri from 7/11.

After doing our washing and booking the next few days its dark so we go to a nearby dumpling restaurant for fried curry and Korean spicy dumplings and corn chowder and swordfish and octopus soup. The dumplings are very good.

We head back to the hostel, crash early and read looking forward to a good nights sleep…….

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