2.12.16 Hualien – Taroko Gorge

…..we didn’t get a good nights sleep. Before I moan about it, I apologise to everyone I know who has kids and who is kept awake every night.

The couple in the bunk below us arrive back at 11.30pm and shower and use the REALLY LOUD hairdryer and then go out again at midnight. They are back at 1.40 which wakes us and then have some fun time in each others company which keeps us awake. 

Yes. In the bunk below us. They are presumably aware we are there as they said hello to us earlier. There is also another bloke in a single bunk in the room too. In case anyone is interested, they were quieter than the Shanghai couple.

Their alarm goes off at 4.40am and is snoozed until it goes off again at 4.45am. Then one of them packs noisily and leaves.

Our alarm goes at 7am and we dress and go for the free breakfast bun fight. Someone pops our bread out of the toaster before it’s done which angers me beyond reason but I suspect I’m tired.

We catch the local bus with many other tourists to Taroko Gorge, the big draw here. There are many trails leading off the main valley and Al has chosen three to walk today. First is Shakadang trail a well marked route following a river which is a beautiful clear powder blue colour. We slowly overtake elderly Chinese tourists and marvel at the striated marble cliffs and boulders. 

Its a lovely scene with the green vegetation on the mountains around us  and we are enjoying stretching our legs until a notice informs us the trail is closed due to typhoon damage.

Back to the bus stop and up the valley to Yanzikou or Swallow gorge which is spectacular in its depth and scary in its height. Rock falls here kill tourists and all tour groups have hard hats on. We hug the cliff face and nervously look upwards.

The final trail is Lushui, an old trail used by Japanese colonialists which winds through the forest. Signs warn us about wasps, bears and snakes but somehow we enjoy the trail.

In the park toilets Al sees an enormous spider!

For tea we cross the road and have some traditional Taiwanese food of pork with rice, sesame noodles, dumplings and green veg with pork. Its not the best looking restaurant but the food is fabulous.


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